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Stormworld is a Fallen Enchantress content expansion mod. It introduces additional high fantasy elements into the game. It is being developed by Heavenfall, and EviliroN is assisting with ideas and proof-reading, and jshores is assisting with tiles and ideas.

This mod is no longer in development, but work continues on the Children of Storm mod for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes over at

For any discussion or comments, players are re-directed to this topic in the Fallen Enchantress forum:


Download is available here:

Older versions are available for established modders only upon request. This is to prevent pirates using the mod on pirated copies of the game. If you like the game enough to be messing around with mods, you should pay for it.


13 new factions (Stormworld_ExpandedFactions)
35 new champions (Stormworld_ExpandedFactions_Champions)
118 new magical artifacts (Stormworld_Reliquary)
20 new events (Stormworld_Reliquary)
4 new types of rivers (Stormworld_Rivermod)
6 new quests (Stormworld_Quests built with Murteas' Quest Wizard)
18 new monsters and their lairs (Stormworld_Quest)
5 new types of Recruitable monsters (Stormworld_Quest)

Custom Sovereigns and Races

There are no known issues with using Custom Sovereigns for the factions in this mod. When designing Drota or Centaur sovereigns, remember to select the base found under Appearance->Equipment->Mount.

Players are advised that creating custom factions based on these factions is not recommended. Many faction abilities are "hardcoded", that is to say, they are built into the underlying structure of the faction and cannot be easily toggled on or off by just adding or removing faction abilities. This was done because it enables the mod to do more interesting stuff that isn't possible to do from faction abilities. If you really want to build custom factions based on these factions, get ready to dig into the XML.


To install this mod, a 64-bit capable computer with at least 4GB memory is recommended.

If you are running into problems with missing graphics (missing models, missing forests, missing swamps) run the game as administrator once after installing the mod.

Stormworld can be installed using the Mod Manager


Stormworld consists of several modules to allow the player to choose which ones he wishes to play. Different folders contain different modules. If you wish to pick particular parts of the pack, the following Hierarchy chart should let you know which parts depend on other parts. If a module has an arrow pointing to another module, it is required to use the second module. Ex - /Stormworld_Rivermod/ REQUIRES /GFX/.


A_LIB_UnitStat_BG_* - This mod contains only background changes to the game, those have no impact on the gameplay on their own but merely have "hooks" for other modules.

Stormworld_ExpandedFactions - this module contains the new factions detailed on this page.

Stormworld_ExpandedFactions_Champions - this module contains new champions for the new factions. They are randomly seeded in the world like other champions.

Stormworld_ExpandedFactions_NoVanillaSov - this module removes the default sovereigns from the game. That means that the vanilla factions in the game are unavailable, unless you have your own sovereigns designed for them. The purpose of this is to allow Stormworld_ExpandedFactions users to set up games with randomized enemies from only that mod.

GFX - This module is always required for all other mods. This module contains the various textures, 3d models, skeletons and so on used by other modules.

Stormworld_Reliquary - this module contains new magical items added to the general random pool in the game.

Stormworld_Rivermod - this module contains new Rivers added to the game.

Stormworld_Shared - some xml that won't fit anywhere else. This module is always required.

Stormworld_Quests some quests you can find randomly in the world.

Stormworld_TacticalMaps always required. Folder for special tactical maps used in various scenarios.

Un-installing and official patches

It is recommended that you always delete all the folders in your /Mods/ folder when updating the main game. No part of Stormworld is automagically updated, it requires a new download whenever a new patch of the main game is released.

Frequently asked questions

Question:I installed the mods and now my game crashes every time I create a random map. What's going on?
Answer: /Stormworld_Rivermod/ uses special terrains that will crash the game unless you follow the installation instructions.


Various people have helped with different bits. I have tried to include everyone who have made more than a "comment" in the past. If you feel your name is missing, contact me.

seanw3 - spitballing and feedback
EviliroN - proof-reading and ideas
Aeron Astari - art for Reliquary items
RavenX - skin for elves and zombies
Murteas - Quest Wizard, Logos for Elves, Living Stone, Gnomes, Frost Giants, Lizardmen
fsemprini - Icons for Reliquary
jshores - tiles and ideas

Copyright and licenses

You are free to re-use everything in this mod to for any Elemental mod except where it is noted otherwise below. Since most models and graphics assets are derivative of copyrighted material owned by Stardock, you may not use any content for any other purpose than to make Elemental mods, unless noted below.

The following models and skins may not be used for any purpose including Elemental mods:

Undead skeleton files "undeadmainbody.hkb" and "Undead_skin.png"
Demonhound files "Summon_Behemoth_Body2.hkb" and "Summon_Behemoth_Skin.png"
Crown of the Skeleton king file "undeadcrown.hkb"
Rage of Dragon files "reliquary_dragondagger.hkb", "reliquary_dragondagger2.hkb" and "Reliquary_Dragondagger.png"
Demonslayers "Reliquary_KrullAxe.hkb" and "Reliquary_kultAxe.png"

The following models may be re-used for any purpose but requires attribution to the creator and a mention that it is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 (creative commons attribution share-alike 3.0):

Venusians mesh_venusian.hkb,, by thecubber:
Kami all files in /Kamiguard/ folder, all files with kamiguard_* filenames. Made for Ryzom MMO
Faerie all files in /Kamiforet/ folder, all files with kamiforet_* filenames. Made for Ryzom MMO
Darkwasp all files in /kitinvolant/ folder, all files with kitinvolant_* filenames. Made for Ryzom MMO
Gasques all files in /Ryzom_Gasque/ folder. Made for Ryzom MMO
Ryzomshields all files in /Ryzomshield/ folder. Made for Ryzom MMO
Ryzombracers all files in /Ryzombracers/ folder. Made for Ryzom MMO
Vampignon all files in /Vampignon/ folder. Made for Ryzom MMO
Electroalg all files in /electroalg/ folder. Made for Ryzom MMO
RyzomCrustacean all files in /RyzomCrustacean/ folder. Made for Ryzom MMO
RyzomGibbai all files in /RyzomGibbai/ folder. Made for Ryzom MMO
Ryzomshark all files in /ryzomshark/ folder. Made for Ryzom MMO

The following models and skins may be re-used for any purpose but requires attribution to the creator:

Bow of the forest "reliquary_bowofforest.hkb" and "reliquary_bowoftheforest.png" by Gabriellanzer:
Pollaxe "reliquary_hache.hkb" and "" by Clarabox:
Ancient sword "reliquary_ancientsword.hkb" and "" by Aquila:
Crossbow crossbow.hkb and crossbowskin.png. Released under Creative Commons by Lamoot:
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License