The Angels were a divine race, granted the utmost love and compassion of their god, whom they lived with at the Mountain of the Gods. They spent their days pondering philosophical quandaries and praying to their lord, and playing different games that required them to fly around. When the Titans arrived to the Elemental world, the Angels were sent as agents of a higher power to influence the turn of events against the Titans. Their god gave them this task to keep magic flowing freely in the world. However, the Angels failed their god twice. First, the Titans managed to capture the magic in the shards, and second, the world was destroyed in the Cataclysm. Their god blamed the Angels for both these events, and so, the Angels were cast out from the Mountain of the Gods, no longer in their god's grace. The Angels lost the ability to fly, their wings now useless without the guiding hand of their god.

Despite being so abandoned by their god, the current Angel society is fiercely fanatical. Rather than turn on their god for his betrayal, they believe that the Angels can work their way back into the god's good grace and then return to the Mountain of the Gods. But far from remaining the same society that they had before the Cataclysm, the Angels have undergone a great change in recent years. Their leader, the Angel of Hope, Colopatiron, has learned how to acess the magic stored in the shards, and now uses it to empower the Angel race much like their god used to do before. When this was discovered, there was a schism in their religion that quickly transformed it in its entirety. They now call this progress the "New Faith". Profoundly magical in their essence, they have taken to using shards like no other race ever has or ever will on the face of the Elemental world. Despite this, not a single Angel has to this day mentioned the possibility that perhaps they do not need their god.

Faction Strengths/Weaknesses


Worship Unlocks the Transcendance spell that transforms any Fire/Earth/Air/Water spell into a Life shard for 50 mana (requires Life2). Each Life Shard connected to a city will also grant +0.5 Growth
Glamour All trades are perceived as having 25% higher value
Masterwork chainmail This faction crafts Masterwork Chainmail instead of Plate Mail armor at the Heavy Armor technology. Masterwork Chainmail has a lower defense but is lighter and cheaper to craft than Plate Mail.
Blood of the Redeemer All Blood Forges will produce 1 additional Life Shard power. This effect does not produce mana but it does stack with the "Worship" faction ability and thus also produces +1 Growth in the connected city. It also works with the "New Faith" buff that all Angels have, increasing their stats in combat.


Fiercely Independent Angels are fiercely independent and believe their wings will regain their power to carry them into history. They loathe the dishonour of riding mounts, and may not ride any mounts.

Angels may still research Mounted warfare and Warg Riding in order to equip hired champions.
Ruffled Feathers The Angels have always tried to stay out of Swamps as their wings are poorly suited for the humidity and insects.

Any army that enters a Swamp tile always has its remaining Movement reduced to zero. This cannot be overwritten by items such as the Compass.
No Death Forge This faction may not build or benefit from Death Forges


Bloodlines apply to all units of this race.

UnitstatIcon.png Blood: Angel Any enchantments cast on an Angel unit requires 25% less mana maintenance.

Angels follow the New Faith. At the start of combat, Angels are boosted, for free, according to the number of shards of various types controlled. Different shard types add different effects:
Air Shard = +3 Accuracy per
Earth Shard = +1 Defense per
Fire Shard = +1 Fire Attack per
Water Shard = +2 Dodge per
Life Shard = +1 Arcane attack per AND
+0.5 Tactical Health Regen per for 10 rounds
If faction controls 3 or more life shards: +1 Moves

Angel Champions always fulfill the "special circumstance" requirement to lift a Hex and therefore always have a small chance to lift a Hex at level-up if they suffer one.

Angels count as:
Different Genders

Angels may not ride any mounts and will destroy any mounts in their inventory.

Angel Champions may not pursue the Path of the Governor.

Special Traits for Unit Designs

These traits are exclusive to this faction and can be used for their Unit Designs.

Trait Cost Effect
Shard Affinity 10HourGlass_Icon.png When defending any city with an elemental shard shrine (or any improvement that produces shard power) inside the city walls, melee attacks from this unit deals 2 additional magic damage (fire=fire, water=cold, air=lightning, earth=poison). Multiple types stack, but more than one of each type does nothing. Life shards do not add any damage. The extra damage does not appear in Unit Details, but it is added when striking enemies in battle.

This trait cannot be selected at the same time as Lust for Power.
Lust for Power 10HourGlass_Icon.png When attacking a city with a shard shrine (or any improvement that produces shard power) inside the city walls, this unit gains +20 Accuracy against all defenders.

This trait cannot be selected at the same time as Shard Affinity.
Holy War 10HourGlass_Icon.png This unit gains +25 Accuracy and Spell mastery when trying to attack or cast spells against any God that is not the One True God. In addition, this unit gains +20 accuracy against any Summoned units. If the target is both Summoned and a God, the bonus to Accuracy stacks for a total +45 (spell mastery bonus only against Gods).
Righteous Path 10HourGlass_Icon.png When being attacked by any unit fighting for an Empire faction, this unit gains +15 Resistance to physical attacks.
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