Centaurs, half horse, half men, were nomads before the Cataclysm, inhabiting a great plain called the Expanse. It was destroyed during the Cataclysm and they were forced to break their ancient traditions to survive.

Before the Cataclysm, the Centaurs lived in a vast steppe called the Expanse. There, the "People" as they called themselves, roamed across the open land, herding great herds of cattle. The Centaurs were divided into several hundred Clans. These Clans fought each other for supremacy over the Expanse but rarely ventured beyond its limits. With no stone or wood to build cities with and bound by traditions crucial to the centaur life, they never managed anything the other species of the Elemental world would call a "civilization".

The Centaurs were not only shaped by their traditions and the scarcity of resources in the Expanse but also by the great thunderstorms that rolled across it. With no buildings to take shelter in, they relied first on scouts to inform the clans of impending storms. As they evolved into using magic, their reliance shifted to their shamans' ability to redirect the storms away from their herds.

The Centaurs were mostly left alone by other races for two reasons. Primarily, the Expanse would not support any other lifestyle than the nomad one adopted by the Centaurs. Even if parts of the steppe were suitable for use in farming, the constant thunderstorms ruined any crops. Secondly, whenever a force would invade the Expanse, the Centaur clans united into a single force to drive the invaders out. Though torn apart by internal strife, the Centaur Clans were bound by tradition to fight side by side if their land came under threat. Their mobility ensured victory in the steppe, Centaurs being both faster and better suited for survival. Invaders were drawn into wars of attrition and eventually annihilated. At the height of their prosperity, the Centaurs could field an army of well over a hundred thousand men.

At the same time, their tradition dictated that they not leave the Expanse and on the rare occasion that they did so, the individual Clans were easily repelled when their mobility and mastery of the land was no longer guaranteed.

The Centaurs were struck by the Cataclysm more harshly than perhaps any other race. Following the end of the world, the entire Expanse was turned into a desert. Within a year, the Centaurs were almost completely killed off by starvation and the few clans that tried to leave the Expanse had no more success than they had before the Cataclysm. More than 90% of the Centaurs had perished a year after the Cataclysm but more was to follow. Unable to sustain any life, the changing Expanse prompted great change in the Centaur culture. Bound by the iron chains of tradition, they believed that they were meant to stay in the Expanse and that the fittest would survive.

A Centaur named Vini eventually challenged the ruling hierarchy of the Clans. A civil war erupted between the traditionalists that wanted to remain in the Expanse and the separatist faction led by Vini that wanted to leave the area in a single force powerful enough to not be repelled by the bordering inhabitants. Unlike previously in Centaur history, in this war the Clans were also prone to infighting as each Centaur had to decide for themselves what the appropriate thing to do was. Vini's faction was eventually victorious, but at great cost of life. By the time they had successfully escaped the desert lands of the Expanse, less than one in one hundred of the Centaurs were alive than had been before the Cataclysm. Now, Vini leads a haphazard collection of Clans with different traditions and motivations and rulers. Their old rules broken by changing circumstances, they are eager to take their places amongst the other Kingdoms to forge their own fate in the world.

Faction Strengths/Weaknesses

ability_warning.pngDesigning Units The Centaurs are designed with a permanent base, which acts like a "mount". Note that when designing new Sovereigns or Units, you must yourself select the Centaur base from the Equipment tab.

Also note that Centaurs wear ALL armor like other classes - including leg armor and boots (they simply have no graphics). The stats count, so do not forget to equip them.


Outriders All cities have their Zone of Control increased by 1.

Centaur Pioneers build special outposts that have 1 greater Sight around it than normal outposts. This clears Fog of War around the ring of tiles outside the Zone of Control emitted by the Outpost.
Hallowed Sky All improvements that produce Air shard power will produce 1 extra mana
One-handed spears Faction gets one-handed spears that have the same strength as normal two-handed spears
Skymaster This trait is given for free to Centaur sovereigns. Unit produces 1 Air Shard power.


Ancestry Centaurs do not ride mounts, as they have no need to. Instead, Wild horses are left to roam the lands, and Wild Wargs are killed off or hunted until they have but a token presence.

Centaurs may not build Stables or Kennels to gain horses or wargs.

Centaurs may still research Mounted warfare and Warg Riding in order to equip hired champions.


Bloodlines apply to all units of this race.

UnitstatIcon.png Blood: Centaur +20 Carrying Capacity, Cannot be knocked Prone, +1 Moves. Centaurs suffer -5 Pierce resistance.

Centaurs count as:

Centaur Champions may not pursue the Path of the Assassin.

Note that Centaurs cannot equip any other mounts than their equipped base, and any mount traded to them will be permanently lost. In addition, Centaurs use all equipment slots like other races - including boots and legs. They function just like normal, only they have no graphics.

Special Traits for Unit Designs

These traits are exclusive to this faction and can be used for their Unit Designs.

Trait Cost Effect
Twitchy 8HourGlass_Icon.png If this unit's Initiative is higher than any attacker, this unit gains +10 dodge
Set Us Free 8HourGlass_Icon.png When attacking any Mounted unit, this unit's Accuracy is increased by 20
Misogynist 8HourGlass_Icon.png Unit deals 25% more physical damage against Female units
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