Elves are immortal magicians that subsisted in forests before the Cataclysm. Now they make a grab for power to prevent it happening again.

Elves have existed in the Elemental world even before humanity. They have played practically no part in the history of the world, however. The Elves kept to the forest, where they lived out their lives surviving on whatever the forests provide for them. On occasion, the Elves banded together to fight off those who wished to destroy their forests but mostly this resulted in defeat for the Elves, due to their lack of organization or technology. When such encounters did occur, the Elves usually tried to take advantage of the forests, where they would use bows with great accuracy to harass enemies from afar before retreating to safety. Because they are utterly non-aggressive and have little to trade, Elves have been left alone except when they occupy lands of forests to be used up, in which case the Elves have been driven away.

As a race, the Elves believed in a fundamental balance and natural order to all living things. They saw themselves as the epitome of evolution, immortal and thus able to live forever but doing so in a society that puts no strain on the lands around them. With little else to occupy their time, they spent great efforts in nurturing their mental abilities. It should come as no surprise, then, that the Elves are true masters of magic that has been refined over thousands of years.

The Cataclysm was a time of great sorrow for the Elves. Following the Cataclysm, all of the forests of the world died and no sapling grew for several years after. Although the Elves did not have much difficulty surviving without their source of food, spiritually the death of the forests was devastating to them. They had come to see the forests as their Mother, their Guardian. To see it killed off in an instant was a particularly traumatic experience.

Thus, the Elves who survived the Cataclysm have decided to take a more direct approach in worldly matters. No longer content to leave their fate – or the fate of the forests – in the hands of the other races: the Elves now seek to control all magic in the world. Their ultimate goal is to prevent another Cataclysm and they believe that only through striving for the balance of magic they previously had can this goal be achieved. Elves are, because of this, particularly careful about sharing magical secrets with other races, whom they believe will not use it in a right way. Furthermore, the Elves have started to leave the forests to grow great cities out of stone and wood. While the forests are still worshiped as a deity – their Mother – they recognize that it is not in itself sentient and the Elves have therefore assumed the role of custodian for all the forests of the world. Though, the elven society is not without its own internal struggles. Building cities has created many new comforts for the Elves and while all recognize the necessity to reach for power in the world, some demand that the Elves return to their old ways rather than become weakened culturally by the new benefits of living in cities.

Faction Strengths/Weaknesses


Secret Paths All units may pass through Forest terrain without any penalty
Masterwork Chainmail This faction crafts Masterwork Chainmail instead of Plate Mail armor at the Heavy Armor technology. Masterwork Chainmail has a lower defense but is lighter and cheaper to craft than Plate Mail.
Archers Grants access to a unique set of bows which don't require metal and have a higher initiative and attack than the bows they replace. Additionally the Ram's Horn Longbow ignores 50% of the victim's defense.
Mind-world Unity For each essence in every city, 0.3 Mana is produced (per turn).


Sacred Nature Elves may not build Hedge Walls, Forts or Logging Camps (or its upgrades Lumber Yard and Timber Mill) and will raze any of those they come across.

Elves can instead build their own defensive structures that give 1 less bonus to Initiative. Nothing replaces the Logging Camps and its upgrades.
Abandoned Hope All cities controlled by Elves suffer -20% Growth. Elven Pioneers cost 24 Population instead of the normal 30.
No Death Forge This faction may not build or benefit from Death Forges
Careful Mining Faction gains 25% less Metal from all sources


Bloodlines apply to all units of this race.

UnitstatIcon.png Blood: Elf -20% Carrying Capacity, +2 Initiative. Direct magical attack used by elves is increased by 33% for Fire, Cold, Lightning and Arcane attack.

Elves count as:
Different Genders

Elf Champions may not pursue the Path of the Warrior. Elf Champions may not learn the following spelltraits: Fire3, Fire4 or Fire5.

Special Traits for Unit Designs

These traits are exclusive to this faction and can be used for their Unit Designs.

Trait Cost Effect
Forest Guardian 12HourGlass_Icon.png If unit is attacking a city with a Logging Camp (or Lumber Yard or Timber Mill), unit gains +20 Accuracy and +20% Physical damage for all attacks.

This trait may not be selected at the same time as Master of Arms
Master of Arms 12HourGlass_Icon.png Unit's Pierce damage is increased by 10%.

This trait may not be selected at the same time as Forest Guardian
Custodian 10HourGlass_Icon.png When defending any city with a Life Shrine or any improvement that produces Life Shard power within the city walls, this unit gains +30 Spell Resistance. This bonus is not visible on the unit details screen.
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