The Golem faction consists primarily of White Golems made by the White Wizard many thousand years ago. They are partially made out of souls of sacrificed humans. They also have a small amount of dust in them taken from the magical shards, and have shown great resistance to magic.

Throughout the years, there have been many magicians and wizards who made for themselves golems to serve. But none created more than the The White Wizard, who lived before the Titans came. To him, they replaced servants, family and friends. But because they did so, he lived his life as a boy, his golems shouldering all duty. As he passed on, he had not a thought for the fate of his creations. Left without a master, no more golems were made and they had no purpose. Performing their tasks, they spread across the world and did strange things, trying to find meaning in every word their creator had said, looking for meaning in implications, subtexts, and chiffers. But there was none to be had. The White Wizard lived the life of a genuis, but he died as young in his mind as he ever was.

After many years, when the golems had grown few, and had changed in many ways, another man took pity on these machinations walking in his lands. His name was Diego, and he cared for these golems that wandered the land but didn't think for themselves. And though he laboured all his life to repair golems he found, and attempted to create ways for them to reproduce, his life was by any human standards wasted. But the golems had watched him labour, as much as Diego had watched them. And by discussing and analyzing the life of Diego, whom the golems had thought of as friend, they at last found the solution to their problems. They saw in Diego what no golem had ever understood - that to live is to love, and want, and sacrifice, and make your own fate. Not to mindlessly serve based on instructions from others. So the golems set about to find their own fate. And the first of these were Lochean, who gathered all the golems together, and through channeling again could create more.

The history of the golems is commonly depicted in their cities in various ornaments. There, the White Wizard sits on a rug, held aloft by perfectly identical golems - they call him Maker. And there Diego lies dead on the ground, tools scattered around him, with the many different golems watching him - they call him Father. And at last, Lochean, with both arms raised to the skies, as if to challenge the future, with golems lined up behind him nearing infinity - they call him Brother.

The golems that followed Lochean into true sentience all share a common characteristic - in their presence, magic is very weak. It is believed that this occurs due to how the golems were - and are - made, with some magical dust sprinkled into the golem at creation. Some say the dust is made out of broken shards, although that is unlikely since the shards didn't exist on Elemental when the White Wizard lived.

Faction Strengths/Weaknesses


Iron Golems Faction may train Iron Golems after researching Weaponsmithing.
Profound Order Golems exist in perfect harmony with each other, all orders are executed instantly and without question. Golems possess free will, but choose not to exercise it except at specific occasions.

Any research only suffer 50% of the reduction from unrest in a city.
Strong Militia When a city forms a militia, normally only the bravest take up arms against the invaders. The golems do not let fear decide their actions, however.

All Militia units count as one size larger (Party becomes Group, Group becomes Squad, Squad becomes Company)
Sacrificial Creation Each Golem trained requires the sacrifice of 1 local population. In return, all Armor and Weapons costs 20% less Metal.
Blood Forge This faction has access to a stronger Blood Forge spell, where the bonus to hitpoints is 25% instead of 10%


Anti-magic Faction gains 10% less crystals. In addition, all mana income from shrines and other buildings is reduced by 25%.
No Death Forge This faction may not build or benefit from Death Forges


Bloodlines apply to all units of this race.

UnitstatIcon.png Blood: White Golem +30 Spell Resist. +25 Fire, Cold and Poison resistance. Golems suffer -10 Blunt resistance. All enchantments cast on Golems cost 50% more mana maintenance. Golems are Immune to Fear (fear is caused by certain high-level monsters).

Golems regain life in strategic mode twice as fast as normal.

Golems count as:
Not Alive

Golem Champions may not pursue the Path of the Mage. Golem Champions may not learn the following spelltraits: Death5, Earth5, Air5, Water5, Fire5.

Special Traits for Unit Designs

These traits are exclusive to this faction and can be used for their Unit Designs.

Trait Cost Effect
Sever Soul 8HourGlass_Icon.png
Whenever this unit strikes an enemy target, there is a 50% chance that the target will have increased tactical mana cost for the duration of combat. The effect stacks with multiple strikes. The exact increase is equal to (Golem Troopcount * 4).

This ability costs 1 Crystal per unit member. It may not be selected at the same time as Magical Attraction.
Magical Attraction 10HourGlass_Icon.png Unit gains +25 Accuracy against any target with at least 1 spellbook trait. Unit gains another +50 if the target is also Hexed, unless this unit is also Hexed.

May not be selected at the same time as Sever Soul.
Self-repair 12HourGlass_Icon.png Unit gains 1+(0.5/level) tactical health regeneration
Disassemble 12HourGlass_Icon.png Unit deals 50% more physical damage against any Construct.
Drake Bond 10HourGlass_Icon.png As long as this unit is riding a Drake mount, this unit has 100% chance to avoid any crit. Does not work if enemy is also riding a Drake.
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