Orcs and Goblins, might and cunning, an ancient plague on the world. They war endlessly and their great warbands were usually defeated by magic, but as they too have harnessed the power of the shards the time of the Greenskin has come.

The Greenskin have long been a blight in the Elemental world, rising from time to time to perform raids on outposts and even on occasion attacking smaller villages. Such outbursts have always been quickly stricken down, because the Greenskin have never - until recently - understood the nature of magic. This, of course, left them at a significant strategic and tactical disadvantage. In addition, the Greenskin follow a strict hierarchy, which means killing their warboss through assassination or by the use of magic has quickly destabilized hordes of Greenskin. Despite this, the Greenskin have never been completely eradicated even though they remain hostile at heart to all creatures. It is likely that this is because of their means of reproduction. Rather than requiring a male and a female to reproduce, the Greenskin are born through a form of mitosis. Those Greenskin that are alive will shed skin and other waste in the areas they occupy, and from this new Greenskin will grow in the ground. Mostly they will die, due to lack of nutrition or being eaten by beasts or other Greenskin. But some will survive long enough to be born, no more than a foot tall, they will grow to the size of a bulky man within a year.

The Greenskin race actually consist of two races, the Orcs and the Goblins. It is not known why some grow up to be goblins and others like orcs, and although they share the same race, they couldn't be more different. The goblins are weaker, smarter, infinitely more devious and greedy. The orcs, similar to the Fallen in body, follow a fascist hierarchal ideology, if it can be called an ideology, which can be summed up as "strongest at the top".

In recent years, the Greenskin status in the world has changed dramatically. For some reason, following the Cataclysm, the Greenskin have developed the ability to channel magic just like other races. This has transformed them from a minor threat to a great danger to all life in the Elemental world. As if that wasn't enough, their current leader, Okever, has reappeared on battlefields again and again even though he has been seen struck down several times. The Greenskin believe him to be immortal, which is a half-truth, but it is enough to focus the power of the Greenskin hordes into a single leader.

Faction Strengths/Weaknesses


Horde Faction starts with +2 Army size. A Greenskin unit only takes 19 base production per member, instead of 25 for other species. In addition, a complete Pioneer unit only costs 84 Production instead of 106 for other factions.
Cheap Bastards Units cost 40% less in Wages
Witch Market All Witch Markets produce +1 Growth and +1 Grain in the connected city
Children of the Swamp No Movement penalty in Swamps


Warrior Culture Greenskin may not build Granaries, Skath Pits or Irrigated Farms.
Short Lifespans Designed Greenskin units have to choose 1 less trait than other races.


Bloodlines apply to all units of this race.

UnitstatIcon.png Blood: Greenskin The size of a Greenskin army affects their strength. For each unit above the first three, a Greenskin unit gains +3 Spell Resistance and +1 Attack. This bonus is limited to stacking 6 times (army is 9 or larger) at +18 Spell Resistance and +6 Attack.

Greenskin consist of Orcs and Goblins. Both types gain +1 to Strategic Health regeneration. Goblins have -1 Hitpoint per level, -10 Carrying Capacity and +2 Initiative. Orcs have +10 Carrying Capacity.

Greenskin count as:

Greenskin heroes may not pursue the Path of the Defender.

Special Traits for Unit Designs

These traits are exclusive to this faction and can be used for their Unit Designs.

Trait Cost Effect
Outnumber 8HourGlass_Icon.png If this unit attacks another Humanoid target and outnumbers them, this unit deals 4 Blunt for every member this unit has more than the attacked unit.
Warboar Bond 10HourGlass_Icon.png As long as this unit is riding a Warboar mount, this unit gains +5 blunt damage. This cannot be seen in the normal stats, but it works. The bonus is lost if attacking another unit riding a Warboar.
Spirit Of Greenskin 6HourGlass_Icon.png +4 Spell Resistance to all units in this unit's army
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