Ancient reptiles practicing blood magic.

The Lizardmen were the first civilization to rise on Elemental, some 30 000 years before the Cataclysm. Being the only civilized beings in the world at the time, they effectively ruled the entire world. They erected vast temples where they sacrificed their own kind to appease the "Great Eye," the Sun god. The society was ruled by a class of priests that were also considered royalty because of their divine blood.

The study of blood magic led the Lizardmen down a dark path. With the discovery of the Blood Curse, they found that they could sacrifice almost everybody of their race in order to make the priests into demi-gods. The priests were unable to restrain themselves in their religious fervor and the Lizardmen civilization was decimated as everyone was systematically sacrificed in a gigantic genocide. The priests, having achieved their long-sought dreams of becoming closer to the gods, went mad with hubris. They tried to war against the six Primordial Elements and were utterly destroyed. Thousands of years later the Elves would find the ruins of their mighty civilization and wonder at what came before.

However, the Lizardmen did not all die. A few of the priests' children, gifted with extraordinarily long lives by the Blood Curse spell, hid in the depths of the world as the Primordial Elements destroyed their parents. Only rarely did they venture out; thus the Lizardmen existed on the brink of annihilation for almost thirty thousand years - at no point did they number more than a few hundred. Their society - or what was left of it - was stagnant. For the survivors, this was punishment from the gods for their mad priests' actions.

They did not, however, abandon their old practices. Hidden in the depths, they waited for the time to return to rule the world; for it must surely be so, according to their religion. Time is circular to them and all that passes will return one day. A power that rises will fall and rise in turn, forever. As such, the Cataclysm was a catalyst to the Lizardmen. Their waking call.

Faction Strengths/Weaknesses


Children of the Swamp No movement penalty in Swamps
Slavers When men or fallen are defeated in combat they are transferred as population to your nearest city.
Blood Magic Faction starts with the Blood Sacrifice spell unlocked
Train Juggernauts This faction can train Juggernauts with the Weaponsmithing technology. Juggernauts are powerful attackers and inflict splash damage on surrounding allies and enemies.
Blood Worship All Blood Forges count as +1 Death Shard power as well. This effect produces no mana.
Dragonkind This trait is given freely to all Lizardmen sovereigns. When the Lizardmen hid in caves beneath the earth, one of their kind brought back dragon eggs after meeting a dragon. The eggs have been stored since then…

Faction starts with a Dragon Cave within 3 tiles of starting position. Faction still requires the normal technology to use the resource.


Alien Architecture Faction may not bulid any of the World Wonders: Ereog's Tower, Great Mill, Hosten's Library, Iron Works, Merchantcross Bazaar, Treasury Vault.

In addition, any captured World Wonder will be razed to the ground as it is considered blasphemous to their religion. They see it as the epitome of hubris to build such wonders (like the Tower of Babel myth)


Bloodlines apply to all units of this race.

UnitstatIcon.png Blood: Lizardman +5 Dodge. Lizardmen gain +1 Cutting defense per level from natural armor. Lizardmen gain +33 Fire resistance and suffer -25 Cold resistance. Lizardmen always go first in combat.

All Elementals hate the Lizardmen and therefore gain +30 Accuracy when attempting to attack them.

Lizardmen count as:
Different Genders

Lizardmen Champions may not pursue the Path of the Governor

Special Traits for Unit Designs

Lizardmen do not have special traits, instead they gain extra faction-specific mounts.

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