Known Issues

The point of this Known Issues list is to present problems that I am aware of, but can't fix.

General errors

  • Hovering over the tooltip of the a "new" resource will display "String not found" below the details. Explanation: A hardcoded value, I cannot alter it.
  • When gaining loot from monsters, sometimes the "after-combat" report will show one item, but another item will show up in loot tooltip and in the inventory. Explanation: The after-combat report is wrong, the item you get is right. This happens as a result of overwriting a bunch of stuff from the core game, from the /mods/ folder.


  • Creating new factions from the new races is not "supported". Explanation: To increase the diversity between one race and the next, several things had to be coded into the data of the race instead of each faction.
  • When creating custom factions, a new race called Special appears. Explanation: It is not intended to be used for anything, but I need the category in-game for special champions.
  • When races that are unable to use mounts collect mounts from loot, the mount is destroyed. The same applies when buying mounts from the shops. Also occurs when a mount that is limited to a race is bought for someone else. Explanation: An item can only exist in two states: either you can equip it, or you destroy it.
  • When meeting Centaur or Drota sovereigns for the first time, their diplomacy portrait will be empty. Explanation: Due to the way their base is implemented, the game doesn't know how to handle their presentation and fudges it.


  • It is believed that this mod will cause significant issues (crashes) when used in conjunction with mods that super-size the map. Explanation: This mod contains a lot of choke points, and the game's pathfinding is poorly optimized for those.
  • If a player finds a forge, casts the spell, then loses the forge, the spell is not dispelled. Explanation: The game doesn't understand that the spell should be dispelled.
  • Normally a rivermod world resource cannot be passed. However, after building an improvement on it you can - even if the improvement is later razed. Explanation: Building an improvement on any tile changes it to a new terrain. This is irreversible.
  • Outposts can be placed on special river bridges. Explanation: I can't prevent them from being placed.


  • Kami display their damage done three times. They deal damage as intended, once. Explanation: Unknown.
  • Gibbai are messed up in cloth mode. Explanation: 3d stuff magics one mesh with 10 uv submaps.
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