Stormworld has certain new mechanics.


A unit may suffer the Hexed trait from various sources, such as items or spells. A unit that is Hexed suffers certain negative modifiers (-10% Hitpoints, -33% Strategic Health regeneration, Enchantments on this unit costs 50% more mana). In addition, certain spells may have a different effect on the target because they are Hexed:

Protection from Fire: Half efficiency on Hexed targets
Protection from Cold: Half efficiency on Hexed targets
Blood Curse: Half efficiency on Hexed targets
Soulburning: +9 fire damage against Hexed targets

Other effects also exist, such as the Bell of Atonement Reliquary item, which will always cause Hexed targets to be stunned.

A Hex may only be removed from Champions (or special units that gain level-up traits) and only under special circumstances. One such example is having an Angel character. When this circumstance is fulfilled, the hero may remove the Hex when it levels up (very rare chance).

Resistances, positive and negative

If a unit has 50 Fire resistance, he will ignore exactly 50% of all Fire damage. If he has 25 Fire resistance, he will ignore exactly 25% of all Fire damage.

If a unit, for whatever reason, has a negative resistance, this resistance doubles its own value in additional damage taken. Therefore, if a unit has -10 Fire resistance he will take 20% more damage from all Fire attacks. If a unit has -50 Fire resistance he will take 100% more damage from all Fire attacks.

Arcane attack

Some units, abilities or items have the exceptionally rare Arcane attack. Arcane attack functions like physical damage but instead of being reduced by Armor it is reduced by Spell resistance. In other words Spell resistance works like Defense against Arcane attack.

An example of a weapon that has Arcane attack is the Anglachel Reliquary item.

About traits, resources and mutual exclusivity

Many new traits and units cost crystals and mana. In addition, some traits are mutually exclusive and may not be selected at the same time when designing units. When a trait is mutually exclusive, it will say so in its description.

Known issue: The UI is a bit messy when choosing between mutually exclusive traits. But it works.

Grey Magic

Sometimes you may see references to Grey magic. Grey magic is non-distinct magic. You gain 1 Grey Magic for every spellbook trait that you posses. For example, if you have Fire2 Water1, you have 3 Grey magic. If you have Water5 Death2 you have 7 Grey Magic. Grey Magic is used for different things, but represents a sort of cumulative knowledge about the arcane world.

Soulbound items

Some items are Soulbound to their original owner. That means the item cannot be traded or sold. The item is always equipped, unless an item is equipped to replace it. If the replacement item is unequipped, the original item returns to that slot.

Unit categories

While playing Stormworld you'll encounter a variety of unit categories. These are used for traits and spells to boost or weaken them. For example the Confusing Flower does not function against any enemy that counts as Not Alive.

To find out what a unit counts as, look at its traits, its equipment and its "Race" in Unit Details. Below is a list of categories. The categories are meant to add flavour to the game (not any particular depth).

Primary Category: All units belong to a primary Category.

Humanoid or Monster All units count as either Humanoid or Monster. Units count as Humanoid if they are roughly human-sized and function using two arms and two legs.

Gender Category:

Female or Male or Genderless All units count as either Female, Male or Genderless. Monsters are mostly not given a gender (therefore Genderless). Some races have hidden genders (such as the Living Stone) but these units still count as either Male or Female.

Secondary Category: Almost all units belong to one or more secondary Categories. Only those with the trait Classless do not have any secondary Category. The secondary Category is always listed in the "Race" in Unit Details.

Beast Beasts are animals that do not always (or never) possess control of their emotions or instincts.
Elemental Elementals are beings that partially consist of magic, and are able to sustain themselves on magic to survive.
Twisted Powerful spells have created Twisted creations such as Trolls and Butchermen.
Dragon Great scaly beasts, including dragons but also drakes and slags
Construct Constructs are manufactured units such as Golems, Ships and Catapults.
(playable races) A wide variety of categories exist here. For example there's a Quendar category, a Greenskin category, a Gnome category. One for every playable race in the game.
Special Sometimes units list "Special" as their "Race". See their Bloodline for what categories they belong to.


Empire or Kingdom allegiance All playable races and recruitable champions belong to a single allegiance (Empire or Kingdom). This allegiance does not change if the unit is recruited by the other allegiance (like Shadows and Kraxis can recruit "all" champions).

Tertiary Category. Units can belong to any number of these categories. Which tertiary Categories a unit belongs to is not firm, it is dynamic and may change as the game progresses. For example a champion only counts as Mounted once it has equipped a mount.:

Not Alive All units that count as Not Alive have bodies that do not live as normal living beings do. All units that do not count as Not Alive are technically alive, although that is not its own category.
Immortal All units that cannot die from old age, such as Dragons and Elves.
Flying Units that are able to levitate for short periods of time, or fly for longer periods of time.
Summoned Units that are temporarily present in the world because they have been summoned by someone to our reality. Even units that are native to this world count as Summoned if summoned through a spell or token. Note that for example a Fire Elemental may be summoned and count as Summoned, but that does not mean that all Fire Elementals count as Summoned.
Oversized Units that are particularly large physically.
Celestial Beings from the upper planes and other units that may be considered particularly holy or divine, such as Angels. They are generally well-meaning but often operate under absolute moralities which leads to strange decisions.
Demon Beings from the lower (hell) planes, creatures that are vicious in body and mind who plot for the destruction of all things.
God A unit may belong to the God category if it is particularly strong and worshipped by other races or monsters.
Immune to Fear Unit will ignore the effects of Fear caused by certain late-game units such as Dragons.
Champion All champions. A champion can level up for new traits and is able to equip new items from its inventory. This includes henchmen and other semi-champions.
Sovereign Faction leaders. All Sovereigns also count as Champions.
Militia All units from a race that automatically appear when defending a city.
Mounted Units mounted on mounts.
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