River Types

These are new types of rivers. They are unpassable, except on bridges, or built world resources (even if sacked later on). These special rivers cannot be used to build Piers or any other improvement requiring normal "water rivers".

Poisoned River

A poisoned river is an old river of water that has become polluted through natural means. There are many reasons why this can happen, such as underground minerals, or intended poisoning by dumping waste. Regardless, the river has reached a critical point where the continued flow of water does not help clear the river of poison - quite the opposite. The poisoned river is filled with a living eco system of its own, that works to maintain the exceptionally high acidic properties of the river. Even a small dose can prove fatal if it pierces the skin, and if not, unless removed instantly, it'll soon pass through the skin.


Magma River

Magma rivers come from deep underneath the world, where heat is aplenty. A magma river is made out of molten rock, and constantly emits gases containing heavy metals.


River of Blood

A river of blood is quite literally a river that consists of blood. They were not in existence before the Cataclysm, but have since then appeared in various places around Elemental. The reasons for their existence is unknown, but that hasn't stopped people from speculating. Some claim it is a river to mark events that were particularly sorrowful to reality. Others claim that various religious persons have suffered and died there, their blood springing forth eternally to remind the world of the unfairness of it all. And others claim that the rivers of blood are emitted from the godlike entity sleeping deep inside the Elemental world - that it somehow became wounded during the Cataclysm - or perhaps its veins simply exposed due to shifting lands. The river itself is said to contain life-giving energies, and many have intoxicated themselves on the high that follows from drinking it.


Corrupted River

A corrupted river is a river that has been corrupted through magical means. The corrupted river is filled with dangerous energies held in place by ancient spells. Standing near a corrupted river can be quite interesting, as it seems evolution has been multiplied in speed a million times. During a day, an observer should see many new species crawl or fly or swim into existence - most will almost instantly perish due to grotesque mutations, but some will live for a while longer. It is recommended not to partake in such observation without the protection of both magic and metal, as some of the things emerging from the river are highly aggressive and occasionally very difficult to defeat.


Using Rivers

Each river has a world resource on it. In order to benefit from the river, you must construct a building on this world resource. When you have done this, you will gain 1 resource (continuous) that can be used to cast the appropriate spell. Open your spellbook to select the right spell under City Enchantments. These spells can be cast on any city under your control but require 1 Essence.

In short: River World resource -> River Building -> Spell on any City with free Essence

Known Issue: Spell is not removed if connected world resource is lost.

Type Improvement Technology Effect
Poisoned River Witch Market Cooperation All units produced in this city gain +50% Poison resistance, +3 Poison Attack.
Magma River Magma Forge Construction All units produced in this city gain these effects: Attacks ignore 15% of the victim's Defense, +25% Fire resistance. +2 Fire Attack
River of Blood Blood Forge Arcane Mastery All units produced in this city gain +10% Hitpoints, +1 Tactical Health regen (+0.5 per level), +10 resistance to all Physical damage.
Corrupted River Death Forge Glyph Stones For all units produced in this city, when unit is struck in melee, has a combined 40% chance for one of the following to happen: +20 Dodge for 1 turn, +10 Dodge for 2 turns, +20 Accuracy for 1 turn, Healed for 8+4 per (DeathShard/Lifeshard), Unit gains 3 Initiatve for 2 turns.
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