This page presents an overview of the alternative lore Stormworld uses. There are many minor and major differences from the standard Elemental lore.

B.C = years Before the Cataclysm
A.C = years After the Cataclysm
Other scales of time existed before but are not relevant now.

History of Mankind

19000 - 15000 B.C The first Humans Humans evolve out of tree-climbing animals. They live in caves and very small tribes with no more than twenty members. They possess a rudimentary language and follow shamanistic superstitions. First burial.
15000 - 8000 B.C Age of Dragons Dragons are the supreme rulers of Elemental. Although other sentient species exist in different forms of civilization, such as the nomad tribes of humans and the Drota hunters, the dragons are stronger and smarter. Their wings give them control over the skies and their fiery breath is feared by all. The dragons hunt all other species for sport or sustenance. They eventually reach an evolutionary peak - they become immortal and stop having children. The remaining dragons grow to vast size and fight each other to the death for supremacy over the skies.
8000 - 7000 B.C Age of Man After the decline of dragons, the Age of Man begins. Moving into the void of power left by the dying dragons, mankind quickly expands while holding the other races back. Individual humans are the most short-lived of all the races but they nevertheless accomplish the subjugation of most of Elemental. Men are jacks of all trades - no defining feature outmatches that of the other species, instead they gain victory by being mediocre at everything and having no apparent weaknesses. The first human cities are raised as tradehubs between peasants, ending the time of the nomad tribes. The cities of mankind become natural targets for raiding enemies. To better protect themselves, each city promotes a lord to organize defense. As cities grow in size, lords fight each other for control of cities. The first countries are born, and a feudal system is created to delegate responsibility. The dragons are hunted to extinction.
7000 - 3500 B.C Age of Wonders Also called the Golden Dawn. The first university of magic is founded. It grows organically out of a place of higher learning. Those who sense the call of magic are drawn to learn more. Incredibly powerful magicians create many wondrous things. Although mankind is not the first race to develop magic to such perfection, they are by far the most careless with it. They raise new cities from the ground using nothing but their minds - one named Aman even creates the moon itself. Ul'rath pulls his own shadow from the ground creating the Shadows. Most of the strongest human magicians that will ever live did so during this age. Most magical artifacts were made during this period. The idea behind the first university is copied, each city builds its own university and spends vast amount of resources on training magicians - each coin is repaid ten times over, so magnificent is the magic they use. When the elves and gnomes seek help against the Greenskin, the universities change in nature. They become more warlike with strict hierarchies. Each university is tasked with the protection of its city.
3500 - 730 B.C Age of Titans An alien species similar to men can sense the use of magic across the void of space. They are masters of magic and have even used it to conquer death and become immortal. Now they require a constant source of magic to maintain their immortality so they create a portal through which the first Titans travel to Elemental. The Titans defeat the armies of mankind but face great resistance from their magicians and the universities. 2000 years before Cataclysm they capture the magic in the world into devices the Titans brought with them from their homeplanet. The devices are spread all over Elemental, gathering all the magic into shards of power that become bound to their position in the earth. Humans are unable to use the magical power stored in the shards and the Titans defeat all remaining human resistance. The Titans then begin to fight each other, destroying the portal through which they came. Elemental becomes divided into "west" and "east", ruled by two different factions amongst the Titans. The "west" are the Kingdoms, still feudal they are ruled by kings who inherit titles from their parents. The Kingdoms respect the rights of the people by following a set of fair laws, but suffer from almost non-existent social mobility. The "east" are the Empires, fascist nations where only the strongest are deemed fit to rule. All others living in the Empire are either slaves or trying to gain enough power to fight back, leading to constant rebellions. To help combat these rebellions, the Fallen are bred (1300 years before Cataclysm) - loyal soldiers to fight the endless wars. Eventually the Fallen become a majority in the empires.
730 - 0 B.C Age of Freedom Hosten is born in 730 B.C. While the Titans fight each other, he gathers magical artifacts into the Reliquary to understand why their magic still works even after the magic in the world has been bound in the shards. Even though the Reliquary disappears from this reality, his endeavour bears fruit and he manages to use the power in the shards - the first human to ever do so. Humans retake control of the Kingdoms in the west, and march against the Titans still holding power in the East.
0 The Cataclysm The Titans attempt to re-open the portal to their homeworld to send for reinforcements. The free men of the west march directly for the Titans to stop them. A swift and bloody war unleashes massive quantities of magic and death, which awakens the sleeping Mithrilar insde the heart of Elemental. Feeling threatened, it sends a great burst of energy throughout the planet, destroying the face of the world. All remaining Titans are killed. All cities crumble. All forests die. All places change. Even the shards, previously thought to be indestructible, suffer cracks in their shells. A tenth of a tenth of mankind survives.
0 - 159 A.C Age of Darkness Artifacts from the Reliquary start appearing all around the world. Magic begins to leak out of the damaged shards, saturating the lands around the shards with magic and causing magic to freely float again. Unopposed by organized civilization monsters now roam all of Elemental. The humans and the Fallen attempt to reform their cities and cultures having lost it all during the Cataclysm. They face fierce resistance from the other sentient races in the world. With the Titan masters gone many old races (and even some new ones!) now make a grab for power.
159 A.C and onwards The War of Magic The magic leaking from the shards reach such high amounts that being able to detect and use it becomes commonplace. Wizards of all races now walk the wastelands practising magic to survive. Within the span of a few decades before the War of Magic hundreds of magicians emerge - many unable to acess the shards but still able to use magic. Magic is seen as the greatest resource both for times of peace and war. The races build cities near shards to occupy them and war breaks out between the different factions in order to control them.

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